How Can I Make My Website Responsive?


Would You Like Your Website Updated To Be Made Responsive For Mobile Devices Such As iPhones & iPads?

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & PHP


Creating A Responsive Websites


GREAT NEWS! If you already have a website and you are happy with, here is the platform where we will create for you a responsive website that can be reachable to mobile audience such as Note, iPhone & iPad users since this will be a great and new experience for the consumers.


This service involves updating of your website code so that you have a ‘fluid layouts’' that is seriously cool and advance in usage!


So for clients who do not want a new website, the responsive website creation that we provide is kind of new look for the existing clients.

Reach A Mobile Audience


How It Operates


The time-frame of making the responsive website is depend on the requirement of each clients and it is based on their website. We will quote a price based on this assessment of the clients need and their website.


Certainly, there is no any technical knowledge required since most of the job is actually dealing with the code alterations to the website file uploads. This project will not end until it is transformed into a responsive mode and once it is uploaded on the world wide web!

Reach A Mobile Audience


Mobile Website


Towards the new ERA, transformation is essential in every field as it also applies to the technology development. Perhaps, owning a website that appears great on mobile devices with a responsive website is no longer optional in 2015.


Over the last few years the expansion of the mobile market in Malaysian & Singapore has led to the increase in mobile G4 network and increased WiFi access areas. This scenario indirectly causes me to create the responsive version for every websites. I will be testing on a range of web browsers and devices so it is compatible in fixed frame including iPhones and iPads